Monday, January 29, 2007


"Your mama's gonna tell on you."
I'm guessing this is an incorrect rendering of "I'm gonna tell your mama on you." I don't know if Paolo is the only one who has it wrong or if all the kids are saying this. Either way, it's hilarious, especially when he sings it to the melody of the Backyardigans theme song at completely random moments. Derivations of this phrase are "Daddy's mama is gonna tell on him" and "Grandpa and Grandma's mama is gonna tell on them." When asked if his mama is going to tell on him, Paolo emphatically answers, No. (Just wait until he finds this website. Heh heh.)

One of Paolo's favorite Christmas gifts is a Leapfrog Bingo game. Of the approximately 78 times we've played thus far, Paolo has lost only once. It's uncanny. It's Bingo! You can't cheat at Bingo. You can't even let someone win at Bingo. I don't know how he does it. Do casinos let children in if accompanied by their parents? What? I'm just asking.

"Bye-bye, Tayne." "Bye-bye, Paolo."
When I complained to my mother that there was a creepy little monster in Paolo's class who made him cry on the second day at his new school, she told me the creep would probably end up being Paolo's best friend. Criminy, she's good.

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