Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Unless you meant "I" for Indigenous People

Paolo had homework Monday night, which strikes me as odd because, last time I checked, he's in daycare. We call it school because we want to feel better about ourselves for not staying at home teaching him world capitals and Latin, but really it's daycare. Yes, the teachers provide instruction in early learning concepts, such as the alphabet and colors and days of the week, but Paolo had that stuff wrapped up ages ago. In fact, his teachers have asked me for tips. Repetition and electrical current will do the trick.

The homework assignment was to write down three words that begin with the letter of the week. That's actually a game I play with Paolo - thinking of words that start with a certain letter...with mild electric shocks. "No, I'm sorry, circle starts with C not S. Good try." Zzzzzt. Unfortunately, the letter of the week is I. I really did want Paolo to do this on his own, but I?? His first guess was eyeball. Fair enough, but technically, no. Zzzzzt. So we helped him along with clues leading to ice, igloo, and in.

Paolo also had to bring in an item for Show and Tell that starts with the letter of the week or the color of the week, which is white. Is it just me or is this unnecessarily hard? Sam saved the day by suggesting Paolo's toy R2-D2. It's white, and if Paolo should have to talk about it, he could, even if just to say this is mine and if you touch it I will break your fingers. I noticed today that some children had indeed brought something starting with I, and their names and items were written on a big sheet of paper taped up on the classroom wall, with the letter I circled for emphasis. I was disappointed by my lack of creativity until I read the list. Parents, teachers, Native American does not start with I.

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