Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is how we impress clients in the South.

An executive at my office urgently rushed over to his secretary's desk and told her to purchase two Arkansas Razorback hog heads by tomorrow.

In case you are ignorant of this appalling redneck headgear, behold:
The exec stormed back to his office, instructing over his shoulder, "Charge it to client development." I suppose this isn't any worse than the bright orange hunting vests and mesh-back ballcaps (with our coporate logo) and boxes of ammunition (sadly, without logo) that are distributed at the annual "client development" hunt.

Still, it is moments like these that make me want to leave the state of Arkansas and never look back.


Azura said...

Just for the record, I DO NOT own one of these. I have in the past, but it got pitched long ago. I think I poured beer in it in college.

deb said...

and then people are surprised why texans feel superior... hah!

Azura said...

I am merely a Texas transplant, an Arkansan at heart. I root for neither the Cowboys nor the Longhorns.

JD, pass the Hog Hat. Woo Pig Sooie!

deb said...

cowboys??? we're talkin' texans here!