Saturday, January 12, 2008

We can't all be Pele

In case you've ever wondered what the back of your jersey would look like as you sambaed your way down the field wearing the yellow and green of Brasil, check out this Brazilian soccer name generator.

Post your results in the comments section, especially if you're my father-in-law.

Commence wasting your weekend,
De Martinaldo


Ray said...

There are times I use the full spelling of my first name. Raymisco #10

deb said...

they got my gender wrong! it should have been deborinha, not deborinho.

Quattro Stelle said...

I can't stop playing with this: Samuundo and I are the proud parents of Shito and Shandro Pau.

debinha said...

Shito is just plain wrong, dude.

Quattro Stelle said...

But sometimes totally deserved.

Nic said...

Marinardo Pau