Tuesday, June 5, 2007

When History Majors Marry

(Phone rings at work.)

Me: Hello?

Sam: What's up, dude?

Me: Did Missouri enter the Union as a slave state or a free state?

Sam: Well, you have to remember how important it was to preserve the balance of the Union between free and slave states, hence the Missouri Compromise. Kansas came in...

Me: ...as a free state and Missouri came in as a slave state. Damn, why can't I remember that? So is it true that Missouri was the last to abolish slavery?

Sam: It makes no difference. Slavery was abolished on a national level, so however long it took state legislatures to push the paperwork through is moot. After Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and the Constitutional amendment, slavery was done.

Me: Okay, got it. Hey, what did you want anyway?

Sam: What is Cosmo short for?

Me: Well, it's really Cosimo, like Cosimo Medici.

Sam: Oh that's right, Cosimo was one of the Medici. You are the smartest person alive.

Me: Back at ya. Later.

Sam: Later.


deb said...

i thought the emancipation proclamation only had effect on the confederate states, and what really abolished slavery in the whole union was the amendment to the constitution.
could be off tho - very little US history, too much russian.

Debbie said...

Hey who is "Deb"?

Quattro Stelle said...

Deb is a very dear friend of mine from my time in California. She's way cool, very smart, and we can talk soccer. She's also probably right with her comment, but it would take another dorky phone call to my husband to be sure.

Debbie is my wonderful mother-in-law, who has welcomed this odd duck into her family with exceptional grace.

Ray said...

Correct on the E.P. States in Rebellion only. What is not right though is Cosimo. Consider Gustave, Pieter, Hendrik, Marnix, Hugo, Baron, Victor or Dirk.
touch base with your Belgian heritage.